Accounting services that give you the information you need, when you need it

Our tailored approach gives you more than just the numbers. You’ll also have the insights behind those numbers to help you grow your business.

  • Accounting

    Your passion is your business, not accounting. That’s why we offer full-service accounting. You’ll have more time to focus on what you do best in your business while we take care of the boring stuff. You’ll have a tailored set of services, from periodic reviews of your books to doing all of your monthly bookkeeping.


    Our approach to Accounting at Ricci & Company We take the time to understand your business and your goals so we can design a custom set of services that fits your needs and your budget. Our services are flexible to meet the changing needs of your business. Our team of certified public accountants and trained bookkeepers ensures your books are done right, the first time and every time. Better information means you can make better business decisions.

  • Tax Services

    Tax preparation, planning and strategy that make sense and save you money. At Ricci & Company, our tax experts have been helping individuals and businesses in the Albuquerque metro area save on tax and build wealth for decades. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team that will work with you year after year. You’ll have peace of mind and an end to worries. No one likes paying taxes, so we’ll make it as painless as possible. Our team of tax experts is always looking for ways to save you on taxes. You’ll receive guidance that lowers taxes while helping you reach your long-term goals.


    Our approach to Tax Services at Ricci & Company

    Our proactive approach means an end to tax bill surprises. Many of our clients meet with us throughout the year to make sure everything stays on track. And if there’s an unexpected change, we can help you chart a new course. We can also help resolve problems with the IRS and state tax authorities. We listen, we research, and we won’t give up until we find the best resolution for you.

  • Audit and Assurance

    Have you ever had an audit that was an enjoyable experience? Our assurance professionals take the time to really understand your business and provide you with insights you can use to improve your business. We understand how important audited financials are to the stakeholders of a business. Our process gives you more than a set of nicely bound financials. We look beyond the numbers to help you improve your business. Our risk-based approach helps us focus our efforts where it matters most, which means a cost-efficient and effective audit.


    Our approach to Audit and Assurance at Ricci & Company

    We’ve developed a unique risk-based process that helps us get the job done efficiently and effectively while developing a deep understanding of your business and industry. We leverage technology to get the job done faster and with less hassle for you. That means we have more time to give you high-level advice and insights that help you build a better business.

  • Business Consultation

    Are you struggling to reach your business or personal financial goals? Sometimes all you need is an experienced guide to find the best path forward. At Ricci & Company, our team of multidisciplinary experts provide training, analysis, advice, planning, and support to help you achieve your goals. Our experts will provide you with strategies and analysis you need to reach the next level in your business and personal finances. We listen and we won’t give up until we find a solution.


    Our approach to Business Consultation at Ricci & Company

    First, we’ll discuss your current situation and your overall goals. We listen and ask questions to make sure we understand your desired outcome. Then we’ll develop a custom set of additional services that help you achieve your goals and that fits your budget. We’ll complete our services either in our offices or on-site, wherever is most convenient for you.

  • Business Valuation

    When you need to know what your business is worth, our team of experienced appraisers will give you an accurate and defensible value plus thoughtful insights to guide you to your next steps. Our business valuation team understands that it takes more than just a simple calculation to find the value of a business. Your business is unique, so we look at all the factors that impact the value. You’ll have peace of mind that the value we report to you is accurate and defensible. You’ll also have thoughtful insights and advice beyond the numbers.


    Our approach to Business Valuation at Ricci & Company

    We’ll discuss your business and your situation in depth so that we clearly understand the dynamics. We look at the entire competitive landscape and economic situation plus industry trends so we understand what the true value drivers are. Then our comprehensive analysis uses a dynamic approach to determine the value in an accurate and defensible manner.

  • Dispute Advisory and Litigation

    When you need a team of professionals who can offer unbiased analysis of complex financial disputes, you’ll want our team of experts our your side. Our team includes Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Business Valuation Analysts. We are the expert on your side for dispute resolution and litigation support.


    Our approach to Dispute Advisory and Litigation at Ricci & Company

    The increasing complexity of regulations and laws means that business disputes are a growing risk. You need financial experts on your side who can present a clear and credible case. We take the time to thoroughly understand the situation. We gather data and investigate the circumstances. Then we analyze the numbers and evaluate the results. Finally, we report the results concisely and clearly to help you present the best possible case.