Tax and Accounting Solutions for Your Industry

Constantly changing laws and regulations mean our world is more complex every day. You need a team of experts on your side to guide you through the latest developments.

Expertise that gives you an edge

No matter your industry, our team has the depth of expertise to assist you. We understand the strategic, operational, and regulatory issues you face. You’ll have the support you need in today’s rapidly changing world.

We have experts in every field. Cutting-edge training keep us on top of all the latest developments so you’ll never be left behind.

Our open-door policy means you’ll always have prompt, comprehensive answers to your questions. You’ll have easyto- understand explanations you can use to grow your business and your wealth. And we always take the time to understand the details of your business.

Construction/Contracting We have decades of experience with the unique financial and tax issues for construction and contracting businesses. We’ll help you navigate the tight credit markets, complex job costing, and fierce competition to build a successful business.

Hospitality Restaurants, hotels, and tourism are a vital force in New Mexico’s economy. Our expertise in this area will help you maximize profits, reduce your tax and compliance burden, and grow sustainably.

Auto Dealers Our expertise with cash management, inventory control, and financing issues for auto dealers will help you streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.

Law Firms and Other Professional Services Tracking the transactions in your trust fund accounts correctly is essential for law firms. Our experience with the accounting issues of all types of professional service firms will give you peace of mind and guide you to success.

Medical Today’s uncertain landscape adds to the challenges of medical providers. We’ll help you navigate the complexity and find opportunity in the coming changes.

Real Estate We’ll help you leverage your assets and manage debt to maximize your return on investment while minimizing the risks to your portfolio.

Cannabis The cannabis industry faces a unique set of risks and obstacles. We’ll help you navigate the regulatory maze and stay abreast of the coming changes.

We think outside the box to find the best solution for you

From our deep experience in many industries, we’ve seen that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone. That’s why you’ll get more than a tax return or set of financials when you work with Ricci & Company. You’ll have a customized set of services that give you the support you need to grow and thrive.

  • Objective advice that helps boost your bottom line
  • Growth strategies for long-term success and stability
  • Strategic risk management
  • Improve performance with custom KPIs
  • Proactive tax advice to save you money now and in the future
  • Eliminate the compliance burden and give you peace of mind

We can guide you to success in any
industry, but our particular expertise is in
these key industries:

  • Construction/Contracting
  • Hospitality
  • Auto Dealers
  • Law Firms
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Cannabis