Accountants and Business Advisors right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This seasoned roster of principals, directors, and managers with decades of collective experience with small and medium businesses and individuals in New Mexico is committed to helping business owners improve their businesses and grow their wealth.

We have an Important Announcement

Ricci & Company has merged with the nationally recognized accounting firm of Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC (CRI), and our office will now operate under the name of Carr, Riggs & Ingram.

We will continue our tradition of community support and delivering quality audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services—now with enhanced service capabilities available from a firm that is one of the Top 25 firms in the United States. For more information regarding the 30 markets that CRI serves, our more than 1,900 professionals, or industry and service specializations, please visit our new firm website.

Why Choose Ricci & Company.

You’ll get clear explanations that you can understand with information you can use. We take the time to listen so that we understand your business and your situation. Then we take the time to explain the issues in simple language so you understand your choices and how those decisions will impact your bottom line. We’ll provide you the support and guidance you need to implement those ideas and reach your goals

We move beyond the relationships. Every accountant says they value the relationships they have with their clients, but we do more. Our clients are our friends and colleagues in organizations around the state. You’ll work with the same team of accountants year after year, which means we’ll develop a deep understanding of your goals and your business. This enables us to provide you the services you need and want, when you need and want them.

We think outside the box to help you find the best solution. Many accountants stop at “No, you can’t do that.” But at Ricci and Co, we look for ways that you can. We think creatively to develop solutions that get you where you want to go, but still keep your interests safe.

We’re persistent as your advocate. We take the time to listen and to understand your situation. We’re not willing to give up until we find the best solution. Recently we helped a new client re-open an IRS audit after his previous advisor told him to give up and pay. Our work save him thousands.

You’ll look forward to an audit. Can you imagine an audit or review that’s not torture? A new client told us he’d enjoyed working with our team on his financial statement review. Our thorough analysis found ways for this manufacturer to improve his profitability and remain competitive in a tight market.

We’re forward-thinking in every way you need your accountant to be.

  • We don’t just check in with you at year end to tell you how much you’ll owe on your tax return.
  • We’ll work with you all year to help you save taxes and grow your business.
  • We embrace technology to help us serve you better and to simplify your operations.
  • We stay on top of the latest developments so you’ll get the newest ideas to save taxes and build long-term wealth.
  • We help our clients find solutions that get them where they want to be, faster.
  • We’re transitioning our firm to the next generation of leaders, so we’ll be around for the long haul.

We don’t just pay lip-service to diversity Our leadership team mirrors the business leaders of tomorrow. As our firm transitions to the next generation, we’ll help you do the same in your business. We’re looking to the next generation of business leaders.

You’ll have our entire team at your disposal We work together as a team to make sure the people with the expertise you need are involved. Our team approach also means you’ll always have someone to help you.

Ricci & Company the “right sized” CPA firm located in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Ricci & Company was founded in 2007 by Jamie Ricci, Sandy Ricci, Geno Casanova and Curt McGill. The Ricci name has been synonymous with accounting in the Albuquerque area since 1984 when Jamie and Sandy first entered the market. We’ve been helping our clients build strong financial foundations for decades. Today we’re helping clients from those early years pass their wealth and their businesses on to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our focus on client relationships, accuracy, and teamwork combined with our expertise in audit and construction have helped us grow to a firm of more than 40 professionals. Our ultra-low employee turnover rate attests to our commitment to people and relationships.