Certified Public Accountant and Business Advisor Services In Albuquerque


Our specialized team can offer personalized services to fit your business and personal financial needs.

Tax Services

Tax laws and requirements are an ever changing part of doing business and maintaining finances.  Our staff strives to keep up-to-date with industry specific tax requirements and changing laws.

Auditing & Assurance

We approach the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders.  It is also a valuable intelligence gathering tool that gives you information you can capitalize on to run your business better.


We like to do more than just crunch numbers.  We like to work with our clients and their people and do all that we can to make them better at what they do.  We offer professional consultations to businesses and individuals on a variety of subjects.

Business Valuation

Our valuation consultants dig deeper than the face value numbers to provide valuable insight and advice throughout the valuation process.  We maintain the necessary contacts and associations to ensure our valuations are in compliance with legal, GAAP, and professional standards.

Dispute Advisory & Litigation

Ricci & Company’s dispute advisory and litigation services practice provides analytical and investigative services to major law firms, insurance companies, corporate counsel and management of companies involved in complex financial disputes.